Our Story

Borderlands Bakery is comprised of a small group of passionate humans dedicated to providing you incredible cookie decorating/baking/small business content, education, and products.

Our business exists as a vehicle for our values: work hard, find fulfillment, and experience joy; all in an inclusive and diverse community.

Borderlands Bakery began as a hobby for founder and CEO, Lisa He. Growing up as a first-generation immigrant, the oven in her house was used for storage, not baking. It wasn’t until college that she discovered baking and the stress-relieving benefits she experienced from the process.

While pursuing her engineering degree and then a career in biotech, Lisa fostered her love for cookie decorating and education. Her social media grew steadily and organically over time as she shared her journey and encouraged others to do the same. Eventually, her work was noticed and she had the opportunity to be featured on Netflix, Food Network, and in many publications.

In November 2019, Lisa left her biotech career to serve the Borderlands Bakery community full time. Today, Borderlands Bakery offers baking-related products in the shop, a blog full of helpful posts, YouTube with long-form content, and digital courses.

We are also committed to positive change at Borderlands Bakery and consistently find ways to give back to our community through free mentorship opportunities for other small businesses, recurring donations to organizations that support inclusivity and diversity, and participating in causes that help amplify the voices of those in need. In 2021, the Borderlands Bakery team created My Custom Bakes, a custom order management tool.

The breadth of offerings at Borderlands Bakery is not possible without the help of #teamBorderlands:

Todd and his team (James, Clay and Mike) at GreyDot Media support high-level business activities, all back-end activities related to maintaining our website and course platform, along with YouTube channel development. This team also assists with videography and photography. To work with Borderlands Bakery, please email Todd: hello@borderlandsbakery.com

Our Shop Team
Britany is the life-blood of the daily operations at Borderlands Bakery. Between her and Lisa, shop fulfillment stays consistently quick and all your order inquiries and general questions are addressed. This team develops content, products and so much more. To reach this team, email us: help@borderlandsbakery.com

Irene is our main designer and is the mastermind behind many of the graphics at Borderlands Bakery. She has experience in graphic design for many companies including Brit & Co., Miss Jones Baking Co. and Imperfect Foods. We are fortunate to have Irene here to bring our ideas to life!

Connect with Us
Instagram: @borderlandsbakery / @shopborderlandsbakery / @workwithlisahe / @mycustombakes
YouTube: Borderlands Bakery channel
Facebook: Borderlands Bakery Main Page, Borderlands Bakery general group for bakers, Baking with Borderlands group for course participants
TikTok: @borderlandsbakery

Thank you for being here and giving us an opportunity to wake up and do things we love every day. If you want to say hi or have questions, please contact us.

Lisa He – Founder/CEO of Borderlands Bakery