The French Mac Course is Coming!

One of our most requested courses is coming to Baking with Borderlands: our French Macaron course! This is a comprehensive video and written guide to making French Macarons the easiest way possible, withOUT the superstition. This course is perfect for those struggling with:

  • Technique in general from meringue making to piping, all the way through storage and packaging
  • Hollow Shells
  • Wonky Feet
  • Shell explosions
  • … the list of what can go wrong is quite endless…

The course will retail for $59 during launch week (Feb. 28-Mar. 7 2021) and will go up to $69 after that. First 200 people to use the early bird discount (which will come in the launch email) will receive $25 off!! If you’ve purchased our written macaron recipe in the past, we’ll also give you a special code for $25 off, directions to come in that launch email! No stacking coupons, so only one $25 code can be applied. Please be sure to get yourself on the early bird list to be notified when the course launches Feb. 28, 2021 for the best chance at scoring one of those discounts that are available!