Baked By Dave’s Royal Icing Calculator

Oct 22, 2021 | Cookie Decorating Resources | 6 comments

My friend Dave of Baked by Dave has given the cookie decorating community a huge gift: his royal icing calculator.

One of the challenges of decorating cookies is estimating how much icing you’ll need for a project: make too much and it’s wasteful. Make too little, and you have to color match again; what a nightmare! Dave is relatively new to cookie decorating (less than 2 years in!) but he’s already made a huge impact in the cookie and macaron communities – I feel pretty lucky to know him!

Dave (whom I met for the first time at Cookie Con Dallas) is graciously sharing this resource with you all. Please watch the video in its entirety to understand how to use this calculator. And if you’d like to show Dave some support, follow him on IG! And of course, give the video a thumbs up on YouTube. It’s worth the 17 minute time investment, I promise.

Download the Calculator HERE. Make sure you save a copy on either your local machine or on the cloud.

Dave and I also sat down for a deeper chat, in case anyone is curious and wants to get to know Dave a bit more:

Got questions? Comments? Want to simply say Thank-You to Dave? Drop us a line below.


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  1. Natasja

    Wow, what a useful tool! thank you Dave and Lisa. You happen to have a dough calculator as well:)?

    • Lisa He

      No dough calculator, sorry!

  2. Gwen Gilleres

    So smart!! I don’t like to waste especially with cost of goods have increased on the basics like eggs, butter and sugar!!
    Thank you!!

  3. Amanda Field

    This is a game changer!!! Thanks so much Dave for creating this awesome tool, and for sharing it with us!!

    • David

      You are very welcome! Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

  4. Alva M.

    This is what I’ve been wanting/needing but never had the time to make! Thank you so much, Dave! This is truly AMAZING! And thank you, Lisa for sharing Dave’s invaluable tool!


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