DIY Beaded Cookie Scribes Tutorial

Mar 20, 2021 | Cookie Decorating Resources, Featured | 3 comments

We held an Amazon Live in Feb 2021 on how to DIY Cookie Scribes. In this blog post, we’ll summarize the process for you.

Firstly- what is a cookie scribe?

A cookie scribe is a sharp, pointy tool, often used in cookie decorating to redistribute icing/pop air bubbles in icing when making decorated royal icing/glaze cookies. People also use cookie scribes to help smooth out the tops of freshly piped French Macaron batter. Be sure to check out our suite of online courses HERE where you learn to decorate cookies, make macarons and so much more soon!

Beaded Cookie Scribe

We carry a variety of options in our online shop, including some of the following ones (click on photos to shop!):

Leaf Scribedescent Cookie Scribes

Snowflake ScribeSnowflake Cookie Scribe

Bow ScribesDIY Cookie Scribe Last Step

Some of our scribe needles are custom molded, to make our offering a little more unique, and we offer them “naked” HERE.

Before we begin, Words of Warning:

  • Scribe needles are sharp AF and need to be store away from children and pets
  • Use CAUTION when making these– you may stab yourself and it can really suck

For those of you who’d like to make their own, there are several “basic” items that you should start with:

My whole Amazon list for all the scribe stuff I list is HERE 

  1.  Scribe Needle / Sandpaper
    • This can come in the form of cocktail picks or poultry lacers, the lengths and thicknesses of the needles vary greatly
    • While rose gold and holographic needles are really fun, these are usually made with coating that rubs off over time and with use, consider that when purchasing
    • The pointy end of the scribe varies in sharpness.. sometimes you need to manually sharpen them to a point– I use sandpaper to help sharpen them up.
  2. Pliers
    • The only tool required is 1-2 pair of flat nosed pliers to help you open and close jump rings, loops on the charm holders
    • Used to also slide the earring bags
  3. Earring Backings
    • Gives more security to your scribe beads – in some of our designs, we use them between every bead for highest security
  4. Glue
    • Used to help everything hold together– use a glue that bonds metals, plastics, silicones/rubbers
    • Nothing will be perfect. There will be small percentage of scribes that fall apart if only depending on glue as it will wear out over time, and faster if you submerge in water or wash the glued parts of your scribes often
    • I link my glue of choice above in my scribe tools list
  5. Beads
    • Silicone: The original scribe tool was created by a small business called Siliscribes— while they are no longer selling scribes, thousands of people have made their own varieties in the last few years. The most common types of silicone beads are FDA approved teething beads which are food safe and grippy.  The greatest downside is because silicone is so grippy, it holds on to everything: debris, hair, dirt, dusts/glitters. You may find yourself cleaning your silicone scribes more, potentially reducing the useable life of the glue inbetween the beads with all that cleaning.
    • Metal or Plastic: While they feel great, the challenge with metal or plastic beads is how they tend to spin a bit when they are held, so some people would not find this comfortable– you may want to secure each bead with glue or an earring backer

The optional stuff:

  • The beads are literally endless, one important thing to be aware of is the hole size in the bead, make sure it matches the size (thickness) of your needle, might need to do some research and contacting manufacturers in some cases if the listing doesn’t contain that info. Etsy is also another great place to source silicone beads. If you’re ready to order in bulk. research AliExpress.
  • Spacers are fun and cute and help with the visual appeal of your scribes, not absolutely necessary and finding spacers in the right size with the right hole is a pain in the rear 🙂

OK, so if you’ve read all that, and you’re ready, view our tutorial HERE .

If you have any additional questions, drop them below!


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