How to Cut Cookies Without a Cookie Cutter

Sep 9, 2020 | Cookie Decorating Resources, Decorating Ideas, Featured | 1 comment

What if you’re out in the wilderness with no cookie-cutter?

Hi friends!! This is an informative blog post and video to show you how to hand-cut cookie dough if you don’t have the desired cutter shape available. 

There are a few instances where I want to hand-cut dough– it’s usually because it’s a unique shape, or I only need just a few of that shape, and I don’t want to go customize a cookie cutter for that… trying to get a cutter made takes a long time, and sometimes you just want it done now. 

“My way” of hand cutting cookies is not the only way, and I’m not an expert at this skill so my cookies don’t look “absolutely perfect”. If you want them to “look perfect”, make sure you’re using a super sharp knife, and moving in consistent, smooth motions during your cut.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Paper, cardstock or cardboard template, some people have access to like.. Stencil sheets so feel free to use what you have
  • Something to “laminate” it with… I used packaging tape, because that’s what I have 
  • If you have a Cricut or Silhouette then this part is easy and you can go ahead and have that do the shape cutting for you! 
  • Sharp scissors for cutting out your template
  • A small straight-edge knife or PenBlade 
  • I don’t know if I need to say this but I will just in case: have your dough ready, a rolling pin, some parchment or greaseproof paper for rolling your dough in

Process (be sure to watch our video for visual learners out there!!)

  • Make sure your dough is cold from the fridge and feels like slices of cold cheese, this will make your cutting process SOOOOO much easier!
  • Draw or print the shapes on your paper! We have a shark and life preserver cut-out available if you need it
  • “Laminate” your template if desired to extend the life of your template so your paper doesn’t get all greasy 
  • Cut your templates out
  • Place templates over COLD cookie dough, press in gently so it adheres
  • Use your blade to cut your dough, watch the technique in the video – keeping the blade right up against the template
  • Transfer & bake! Feel free to stick the dough back in the fridge for about 5 min to let it firm back a little before baking

..and Presto, how to cut cookies without a cookie cutter, don’t forget tag & share your finished baked goods on Instagram(@borderlandsbakery) & also check out our AMAZING resources post and SHOP for a ton of fun cookie decorating and baking supplies!


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  1. Julia

    Thank you very much for sharing with us! I’m so sick of running around trying to find the perfect cutter in time. I have found your website to be extremely helpful and have learned a lot since I’ve come a crossed it. Again, thank you very much for sharing! Looking forward to your future posts.


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