How to Mail Decorated Sugar Cookies

Dec 15, 2020 | Cookie Decorating Resources | 4 comments

There are an INFINITE number of ways to package and mail cookies and it’s all dependent on what you’re shipping, the shape/quantity, etc. — but I wanted to share ONE of the most commonly used methods I use for shipping treats to my friends and family.

I like to keep things as simple as possible. This configuration gets the job done for about 95% of my shipping projects. I purposely design treats so that they fit into this box. Doesn’t mean this works for your treats. You need to apply the concepts you’re seeing here to what you’re trying to ship.

Make sure to watch the video for a visual:

** The “tea drops” I show in the video are adorable single serve packets of various teas — a must have for the tea drinkers in your life. My referral link for 20% off your first purchase!!  https://prz.io/e3pGzJ8s2 . Recipe for our “everything” cookie here.  Butter cookie recipe HERE

For shipping itself:

I use a USPS Flat Rate Padded Envelope and the 9 X 6-1/2 X 2-3/4 (R) WHITE TUCK TOP BOX from Papermart – or Item number 072570. THESE in 9x6x2 are also great.

General Guidelines for how to mail cookies:

  • Pick a robust box– something that can take a beating during transit 
  • Have adequate padding – shred, bubble wrap, tissue paper are all great options and depending on what you’re shipping, one may work better than the other. Things like cupcake liners, baggies that are a little bigger with extra ‘material’ around the cookies all serve as “padding”!
  • I like to avoid shipping fragile treats– so like really intricately shaped cookies, or very super soft cookies. I know it can be fun to make and gift, but I’d rather make a few less things, make sure they are more solid, hope they make it there in one piece!
  • Make sure to correctly Heat Seal your cookies so they remain fresh… listen to what I say in the video!!

Other great shipping resources, especially if you’re shipping decorated cookies

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  1. Arina

    It’s been a few years since this blog post, but I’m wanting to ship some treats to my out-of-state friends. I’ve seen a fair amount of people freezing their baked goods before shipping. Do you recommend doing the same? Or does it drastically alter the product?

    Thank you in advance!

  2. Monica Anaya

    I wont be mailing because im nervous but plan on flying and doing a full day of travel with about 60 cookies . It’s my grandmothers 95 th bday and I am going to attempt making cookies with flowers on them/ all new to me – cookies and roses haha this will only be like my 5 th cookie set im doing

    Thoughts on best way to travel with them? Or should I pick a different design that would be easier to travel with- not so delicate? Thank you!! Love your page, YouTube and insta! Super helpful!! I took one of your classes also before making my first set of cookies a few months back!

    • Lisa He

      I definitely vote for choosing your shape strategically. Aside from that, stack them in twos, back to pack, and use bubble wrap as cushion and put it in an clear plastic container and carry on with you <3


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