How to Organize your Cookie Cutters

Apr 21, 2022 | Cookie Decorating Resources | 2 comments

I’ve been decorating cookies since 2011, and you can imagine that my collection of tools and cutters has grown over time. A few years ago, I finally decided to organize my cutters so that it’d be easier to find a shape. Please learn from my experience, and think about a way to implement your cutter organization so that it works for your needs and preferences.

My living room now has 2 shelves to hold some of snacks, tools and cookie cutters. Grab the Brown Shelf HERE . The smaller white shelf I own is no longer available, but I purchased it specifically because it folds easily, allowing you to repurpose it for events like popups or classes, VERY travel friendly! I have a whole list HERE for folding shelves on Amazon, and you can pick the one that best suits your needs/tastes.

I use these photo / greeting card storage boxes to help keep my cutters separated into the categories of my choosing.


The specific ones I use are THESE. The attached lid helps keep dust away and makes it easy to handle – no two piece bins here, but if course, use what you like! I also like their size and shape – a perfect fit for shelving that’s not too deep. Each box fits a good amount of cutters: at least 30 full size cutters. The only thing missing that would make this ultra clean looking and aesthetic? Labels. Print them out and adhere to your bins.

These are the categories I’ve laid out for myself:

As a further step, you can create lists of what each box contains in a google doc or note on your phone so it’s always accessible. Or print it. Whatever floats your boat.

A few things have helps me keep my collection under control and organized:

  • For shelving, I like to purchase taller ones rather than shorter ones – more room for stuff, just make sure to balance the weight and put heavier items at the bottom
  • I only get to have any many cutters as the storage you see here << This is crucial, read it again. no overflow allowed lol. Please don’t @ me, haha
  • EVEN IF I do not add to my collection (let’s be real, this has never happened… I always have new cutters), once a year, I’ll do a cutter purge (I mean, that also makes room for new cutters…) Sell the bundle for cheap, or share the love and gift it to a new cookier 😉 Need help finding a new cookier? Reach out and we’ll hook you up with someone!
  • My criteria for parting ways with a cutter was pretty subjective – I can’t tell you which cutters to part with, but I’m sure you have an idea of what your frequently used shapes are, and which ones are much less used – can you part with it and use your creativity to do a design on a different shape? Think with your brain, not your heart, because if I used my feelings to make these decisions, I’d have half a room full of cutters :X

Hopefully sharing how I organize my cutters gave you some ideas on how you can organize yours. There are TONS of ways people do this, and it all depends on your available space and how/where you work. I encourage you to Google around for some other insights to see how other people may approach this. Have questions or comments? Drop them below!

** Note: this post contains affiliate links. It’s a great way to support us while buying things you would already, at no additional cost.


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  1. Katie Martinis

    Love your idea! What do you do with all the mini photo boxes that come inside if you dont put your cutters in them and just use the outer boxes?

    • Lisa He

      The one I specially use is this one: https://amzn.to/3vAqUU7 I recycled the dividers (linked under the photos). The link above before the photos contain a few versions, some of which contain boxes- try to find one without boxes if you can, or use them for something else (i.e. organizing small tools) – just found this one for a pretty good price – https://amzn.to/3jXBajQ — get it quick though because prices fluctuate like crazy on amazon!


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