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Jun 4, 2018 | Cookie Decorating Resources | 12 comments

One of the most common questions I get is — what projector do you use and how do you set it up?

LED Pocket Projector

I use the Aaxa Technologies Pico Projector HERE.This gets the job done for a VERY reasonable initial investment. PLENTY of other projectors that work — don’t limit yourself and so long as the reviews are good, you should be fine PLUS this model is being discontinued and being replaced by better projectors, such as the ones listed in my Amazon Shop under Small Appliances. Such as this, and this. Just make sure you understand the capabilities, features, technical specifications (do your research.). Don’t let the price turn you off (this is one of the BEST cookie related buys I’ve ever made — I would recommend one of these before an airbrush). Buy the projector that suits YOUR needs. For example, if you know if you want it use your phone to project, your needs might be different– for instance, you’ll need different cables, and that’s something YOU need to figure out (I can’t tell you).. or call tech support for the projector. Here’s what my setup looks like:Streaming Settup

I use 2 cables to connect my projector to my laptop — these will VARY depending on which projector to end up buying. For my particular configuration, I use a mini HDMI cable and micro USB cable (please double check these are what suits YOUR set up before buying, I cannot advise everyone for their particular set up). The “tripod” I use is HERE. Since it’s older and may not be available, I highly recommend investing the Arkon Mount, which is hands down an AMAZING piece of equipment, and you won’t need another tripod again.  Make sure you also check out the photography section of our amazon shop for other great tool recommendations! The projector acts like a second monitor. So if you connect it with your laptop, you can choose to duplicate the screen or extend it. For ease, I duplicate it. I like MicroSoft Word to project whatever text or graphic I want. I use download fonts from all over the internet– do a google search and spend the time sifting through different ones to see what you like. I’ve used some free and some paid ones. I also use google images a lot — remember to give credit if you end up using someone else’s artwork. I often get asked how I angle my projector so that my piping hand does not block the image; please watch this video where I explain:

All this being said– please keep in mind that like your scribe, stencils, airbrush, etc– the project is a TOOL, not a magical “I can now to all designs perfectly” fix. You will still need the right consistency for that specific design and practice a ton! Good luck, and have fun in the process.

Edit Mar 14, 2021
I did a LIVE stream on my setup. Watch it HERE (be sure to “follow” us on Amazon Live!)

Edit 08-Mar-2020: For those of your on a budget, one of our cookie community friends cookies.bymariam told us that this Smart Sketcher Projector is budget-friendly and does great for lettering!

If you DO NOT want to invest in a projector at all, here are some options for you:

  • Use the Camera Lucia app
  • Use the tissue paper method:
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYRLVSvS_6o&t=113s
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUtNr51v_Ys&t=63s
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSRjdi7hXZE

PS– don’t forget to check out my Amazon Shop for a list of amazing tools that I use almost on the daily! I also have a comprehensive Resources blog post where I share pretty much every source I have on all things cookie related.


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  1. Michelle

    I follow you on Instagram and love your videos and the detailed information you share! I don’t get to do much myself, but I love to see ‘behind the curtain’ to know how such beautiful works of art are made 🙂 I just wanted to comment and say thank you for sharing with me-and everyone-what you do. I know it is an added step and doesn’t always add to your profits but it is so appreciated by many. Thank you!

    • Lisa He

      Such a nice comment– thank you so much!

      • Candy

        Great content!!! Got me inspired Can’t wait to get started I really want to master this skill and I think I’ve finally found my guide. Thanks so much for giving of yourself to help others… YOU’RE AWSOME!

        • Lisa He

          Hey Candy! Thanks so much. Appreciate you being here.

  2. Susan

    It mentions above:

    “I often get asked how I angle my projector so that my piping hand does not block the image; please watch this video where I explain:”

    Where can I find the video.? Nothing is hot linked.

    • Lisa He

      You’re right, there’s nothing linked– the video is right below it, embedded in the blog post.

      • Sury Castillejos

        I am from Mexico. I like your tutorials are very illustrative and interesting! Thanks for to share your knowledgment. Here in My country the teachers aren’t teach how yo use Aixa project. And piping letters.

        • Lisa He

          Glad to be of service.

  3. Ashley Guest

    I went to your amazon store and couldn’t find the stand you use for your projector for when you are piping. I looked under the small appliances category. Did I just miss it?


  4. Mary

    Love your tutorials on Instagram . How do you make blush on your cookies I just can seem to have mine show up on my cookies


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