Spring Project – Floral Egg and Bunny Cookies

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Hi Everyone! In the midst of fighting the COVID-19, California residents are asked to shelter in place whenever possible. Critical functions and healthcare workers are all still working (THANK YOU for being on the front lines!!). Many of us who run our own small businesses, whether that be restaurants or mom-pop specialty stores, have been impacted. We all have to learn to adapt for the short term but also think to the future. Sending everyone love and light during this difficult time as we collaborate to #flattenthecurve.

For Borderlands Bakery, we will be moving much faster toward using online platforms to conduct our live workshops. While we hope this does not replace in-person work shops in the future as we get over this hump, this is a great in-home alternative to still get that live instruction experience. I created this blog post so that people who were unable to grab a kit are still able to source all the supplies– and that way you can make similar cookies at any time. These cookies were originally designed for my virtual live Chibo class on April 7th, 2020. Seats are sold out for the live, but if you’d like, you can purchase the recording of the class for a discounted price HERE.

So in order to make these cute cookies…

Floral Egg and Bunny Cookies

Floral Egg and Bunny Cookies

Here is what you’ll need:

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links—if you choose to purchase any product via the links provided, I may receive a small commission in limited cases, at no additional cost to you.

Materials (only the essentials):

    • Brushes – feel free to buy them from Amazon (I like the WILTON ones) or my shop – we’ll be painting our modeling chocolate!
    • Paint palette or some containers/area for mixing colors and liquids
    • Droppers—not SUPER critical but this helps control how much liquid you’ll add to dilute your colors—You can also use these to thin down your icing!
    • Either food colors for painting (your choice), OR you can purchase The Sugar Art Elite Dusts HERE – they work amazing when activated with a bit of vodka or everclear. The colors we have for this project (Daisy, Sweetheart, English Lavender, Forget Me Not, Cut Kiwi) were recommended by Holly herself—I wanted to give you versatile colors you can use for spring AND summer. I also have red and black gel colors on hand to tint the icing for pink ear details and black gel for painting the face.
    • I am *extra* and find every excuse to use edible glitter. The pink ear detail and flowers have a light dusting of The Sugar Art DiamondDust on it—I put it in a dry dust pump and spray it on slightly wet icing or paint to help it adhere. Sparkles for everyone.
    • Vodka or everclear for painting (the alcohol from both evaporates within minutes of painting and there is no alcohol content left and no aftertaste)—if you cannot use alcohol you can try orange juice or lemon/vanilla extra—it isn’t quite the same and I haven’t personally tried it, but others have with good feedback.
    • Silicone molds – your choice, and we also offer some in our shop HERE
    • 85-90 grams Light Corn Syrup – absolutely critical for making modeling chocolate
    • 300 grams white chocolate chips OR white chocolate candy melts! The melts work a little better in my experience
      • If you can’t come to class, you can google a modeling chocolate recipe to use, OR you can even do this with fondant! And no shame either in buying pre-made modeling chocolate!
    • Double broiler set up – a small pot to gently boil water and a stainless steel mixing bowl to put your chocolate in
    • Oven mitts or towels to hold your hot bowl when working with it!
    • Rubber spatula for mixing
    • Plastic wrap and a plastic sandwich wrap OR some reusable sandwich bags (as long as it’s OK for a little heat, up to 200 degrees F)

You’ll also want to bake your cookies …

    • Please use your favorite cut-out cookie recipe or read about mine HERE.
    • We’ll be working with 2 cookies – a floral bunny and floral egg. Both cutters are from Brighton Cutters which you can purchase HERE. You can prep this well in advance and simply freeze your cookies well-wrapped in an airtight container. Defrost at room temp, inside that container, for a few hours, before class starts. (this is obviously optional depending on if you come to class!)


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Spring Scribes

We do have extra SPRING SCRIBES for you to pickup in the shop, as well as sprinkles. More sprinkles.

Hope that helps everyone in getting what they need for this project idea.  If you have ANY questions at all, please leave them below. Thank you!


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