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Feb 24, 2022 | Cookie Decorating Resources | 8 comments

This post is long overdue, but better late than never, right? I’ll be providing an overview of The Sugar Art products that we carry in our store. Watch the video embedded in this blog post to get some visuals of use cases:

To summarize the video…. The Sugar Art products are split into various collections – each of which has a specific use case. Some products have a bit of a learning curve, but learn to use them, and the payoff is well worth it.

The product lines we’ll be summarizing today are: Master Elite, Elite, Sterling Pearl and DiamonDusts – all of which are safe to eat. These are not associated with highlights or disco dust which are non-toxic but also not edible, so those things are usually deemed appropriate for decoration only, to be used on pieces not consumed.

  1. Master Elite (Powder Food Coloring): Highly concentrated/pigmented powdered food coloring intended to tint/color royal icing/glaze, fondant, buttercream, isomalt, cake batter, cookie dough, macaron batter. Intended to be mixed INTO product, not used for painting, airbrushing, or to color chocolate as it is not fat soluble. Master elites are activated by moisture, which means if you want a streak-free finish, you want to ensure that all the pigments get dissolved properly – there is a slight learning curve to using master elites, but we promise that if you spend a little time to learn how to activate them, you’ll love the results.
  2. Elites (Painting/Dusting/Chocolate Colors): Elites are powered pigments that work well for coloring chocolate (fat soluble). These are not as concentrated as the Master Elites, so if you do plan to color chocolate, choose a tone that’s bright or pigmented enough for your desired shade. Elites are also great for applications that go on top of products: think painting, airbrushing, dry dusting. To use as a paint or for airbrushing, dissolve the elite powders in high proof, clear and flavorless alcohol like vodka or Everclear. You can also use the new Color Solution instead of alcohol.
  3. Sterling Pearl (Edible Luster Dusts): Sterling Silver are fully edible pearlescent powders that add sheen to your desserts or food. Think of this as the pearlescent version of the Elite dusts. Use it to add metallic details, dry dust for a layer of shimmer, use on top of fondant, icing, chocolate, candies and much more. Can be diluted with alcohol as well to use as a paint or airbrush. (Can you make shimmery chocolate with it?!) Watch our demo for Sterling Pearls HERE.
  4. DiamonDust (Edible Glitter): This is the first FDA compliant and Kosher Certified edible glitter. The glitter is intended to be used dry, and most easily dispensed by brush or dry dust pump to delivery a spray. Do no mix this with liquid or into items as it will lose all shine and not perform as intended.

You can purchase The Sugar Art products directly on their website, or from Our Shop HERE.

Thanks for reading! If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.


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  1. Nancy

    Thank you! Very helpful.

  2. Monica Gellman

    Thank you so much! How do I keep sterling pearls from rubbing off my cookies when I bag them (I painted it on with Evervlear)?

  3. amanda

    Hello, new to the cookie decorating and LOVING IT!
    I’m making diamond wedding rings and disco balls for an upcoming bachelorette party.

    I’d like to paint the ring part silver (elite color?), diamond painted white (elite pearescent color?) and then doing the diamond dust in white/clear.

    For the disco ball, I was going to paint it silver (elite color?) and then spray with the silver diamond dust.

    Is this a good plan? Thank you in advance!

  4. Angela L

    Does the Master Elite powder coloring work with American buttercream and also do your intense gel colors work with American buttercream? Thank you.

    • Lisa He

      They both do! Gels are easier to use in general than master elite. Try the Sugar Art gels – i use them over the master elite powders 🙂


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