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Tipless piping bags are thin, disposable pastry bags that usually have a very small or non-impacting (flapping) seam.  The point is generally very sharp/precise and it’s easy to use since all you do is snip the tip of the bag to the desired shape and size, pipe away, and throw away when done for ease. They are relatively affordable and overall ergonomically comfortable. There are many brands out there and it may take a few tries, but if you take the time to try a few and figure out what you like, these will save you time in the long run. This post isn’t to showcase what’s best– it’s to give you options. And at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who you buy these from, so long as they work for you.

Tipless Piping Bags

Tipless Piping Bags

As with many topics, much of this information is already floating around the internet, and all I’ve done is consolidated the parts I think are most important for a quick start.

Tipless Bags Pros and Cons — like with any tool, there are pros and cons (please take into consideration your own preferences…we are all different, but you’ll only know if you “taste” a lot of different things!):

– Disposable, easy clean up (saves time)
– No need for tips in most cookie decorating applications
– Overall very easy on your hands and more comfortable, molds better to your hand than bottles

– More waste
– Depending on bag thickness, may not be best with thicker consistencies (but you can always find other uses for thinner bags!)
– You’ll occasionally get a bad batch of bags with flappy seams or fragile manufacturer causing bursts or bulging during piping, but this should be rare

Quick start — tipless bag piping basics: (VOLUME UP!)

In this following video, I show you:
1. How to fill tipless piping bags, ways to secure closed (including one not shown in video, using PIPER clips)
2. Cut tipless bags for basic piping and flooding
3. Cut tipless bags for leaves
4. Cut tipless bags for pinata/ruffles
6. How to use a tip with tipless bags (thick bags only)

Correct use of bags is super helpful. Too often I see people use tools in a way it’s not designed to be used, resulting in less than satisfactory outcomes and usually the user ends up blaming the product. Let’s avoid that pitfall together. One of the most important takeaways for my bags–  because it’s a stiffer and thicker bag, make sure to really pinch that tip before you cut it, so the seam has a chance to full open up flush against the bag.
If you’re new to tipless bags, search on YouTube for videos from other talented cookiers who talk about this topic– take the time, show them some love, learn :). I also have more in my tips/tricks highlight of my Instagram.

Where to buy, what’s the difference — as a cookie decorator, this is the golden age. The hype is at an all-time high, so you have a TON of choices when it comes to tipless bags. I list a few of the most popular brands (all of which I’ve tried) so you can decide where to start your adventure. Again, I recommend ordering a few brands to figure out what suits your needs. It’s possible to have a few brands in your arsenal based on need– for example, thicker bags are better for pinatas/tutu/floral details, thinner bags are great and easy on your hands for fast flooding. I offer a 10-pack samples – all you need to do is follow the directions in my listing description HERE.

Grunderfully Delicious and Truly Mad Plastics: For my entire cookie decorating life before I got my own branded bags, these were my go-to. Thinner bags, very ergonomically comfortable. Fast shipping, amazing service PLUS these shops have a great selection of other cookie supplies for you to choose from. They are US based but I believe ship internationally (please do your due diligence..). I really love the “feel” of the thinner bags because it gives me the perception of more control and comfort because they are thin and easy to squeeze. These are generally not the best for thicker icing and may burst if too much pressure it’s applied. It’s not common, but it can happen; some of us squeeze a bit harder.

Cookie Cutter Kingdom offers a great selection of thick bags for those who want super robust bags! The difference in price is reflected in the product quality, size and thickness of bags.

Tipless bags from Amazon are also available, but thickness/seams/quality seems to vary quite a bit and it’s not always easy to tell via the listings. If you have Amazon Prime, there’s really no way I or anyone else can beat that kind of shipping deal.

Borderlands Bakery (me!) also carries tipless piping bags for shipping to the US only at this time. These are slightly thicker than Grunderfully Delicious  and Truly Mad Plastics, and are quite robust, but not quite as thick as Cookie Cutter Kingdom.  The biggest downside of my bags (IMO) is that because they are thicker, it’s harder to tie off in a knot, if that’s what you prefer (doable, takes some practice). If using bag clips (such as regular bag clips from me HERE / Piper clips) or rubber bands, there are no issues. You’ll also be able to maximize bag space if you use a clip or rubber band! You can buy clips from pretty much everyone I’ve mentioned in this blog post.  The cute “hold it together” clips from my video are from my friend Oh Sugar Grove.

You can also choose to purchase these ADORA-BOW baby pink bow shaped clips from me HERE.

Bow Bag Clips! SO cute.

If you want a super economical (but effective) solution, I offer a 6-pack of bag clips here for a great value:

Borderlands Bakery Exclusive rolling pin bag clips 6pk

Borderlands Bakery Rolling Pin bag clip

IF you’re in Canada or rest of the world, the following ladies carry tipless bags (and some have tips/clips, etc.) — each amazing and I believe they have more shipping options than I do (currently only US) Please go check them out! Corianne, Mary, Izabela. And of course Grunderfully Delicious, Truly Mad Plastics, Cookie Cutter Kingdom

Thank you all for reading! If you’ve got any burning questions (or love notes), please leave them for me below.


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  1. Carol Jones

    Thank you so much for this demonstration. There were several “must do’s”, that I never knew. No big surprise. Creating cookies even 25% as nice as yours would be a dream come true…

    I’m going to check out your schedules to determine if it would be possible for me to attend one.

    Thanks again for your kindness,

    • Lisa He

      Hi Carol, thank you so much for taking the time to leave me this lovely note. I appreciate you!

  2. nani

    I know you mentioned it in one of your IG stories, but I was just wondering how thick your bags are? Definitely going to purchase a sample pack when ever they go back in stock though.

    • Lisa He

      Hi! Bags are 40 microns thick, and you can still order samples by looking at the listing info — I saved a few sets to continue sending samples 🙂

  3. Gias

    Cool Staff. gonna buy this for sure

  4. BenDK

    How thick your bags are? Can you send samples?

    • Lisa He

      40 microns. If you read the listing description, there is a sample option. We can also include samples with your physical shop order.


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