How to Make Shark Cookies with Cookie Template

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Baaaaby shark dooodoodoodoodoodoo baby shark… sorry, that’s going to be stuck in your head now but I couldn’t resist. 

To celebrate Shark Week this year, we put together a super simple tutorial on how to make the easiest shark cookies with ring buoys. This is a perfect activity for all ages and all cookie decorating skill levels because it’s a very simple design with only a few icing colors needed. We even have a printable shark and life preserver cutout template for you linked below in case you don’t have a shark-shaped cookie cutter.

Here’s what you’ll need:


  1. Bake your cookies, cool completely, and make your base icing.
  2. Make your 3 icing colors (white, red, grey) – all flood consistency (watch the video to see what I prefer for my flood), bag them.
  3. Trim your piping bags (see video for proper technique)
  4. Scratch a smaller circle onto your round cookie to create a guide for where you want to stop and end your white flood layer for your ring buoy. 
  5. Create a bit of a red base for the shark’s mouth by using a brush or your finger to “brush” on the red icing.
  6. Flood the shark grey.
  7. Add the black pearl sprinkle to the shark as an eye. Optionally, you can wait for the shark to dry completely before using an edible marker to add the eye, OR wait for it to dry at least 1 hr uncovered if you’re going to make the eye with black icing.
  8. Using the tip of your scribe or toothpick, gently transfer a bit of white icing from the bag to the mouth opening to create “teeth” Set shark aside to crust over, approx. 1 hour
  9. Finish off your ring buoy by adding red accents to alternating parts of the buoy!

Download the Shark Cutout Here

To use this cutout, all you need to do is print it out on a regular sheet of paper and cut the shapes out. From there you just place the cutout on your rolled out cookie dough and use a knife to go along the outside of the shape. For the life preserver, you have two options, you can either cut out one large circle and ice in the shape of the preserver or if you’re going for a more authentic look you can cut out the center as well. After you’ve cut out the shapes you can bake them as normal and continue following the directions. Be sure to watch the YouTube video for a more detailed decorating guide. While you’re there we’d love it if you would give us a follow 🙂

A note about drying…

After icing your shark cookies you can let them dry at room temperature or to speed up the process you can use a dehydrator. We have a whole video breaking down the best ways to use your dehydrator and also our recommendations for some great dehydrators if you’re looking for one.

If you can resist eating them for long enough then the icing should finish setting in about an hour.

If these shark cookies inspired you or you thought this guide was helpful please let us know in the comments below!


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