Easy Matcha Truffle Recipe

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One of my favorites treats as a kid were the chocolate truffles my dad used to buy from Costco. You know what I’m talking about:

The texture was silky smooth, and I’d always choke a little on the cocoa powder. But it’s all a part of the truffle experience. And at the end of the day, for me, food is about the feelings and memories.

This year, Matcha Kari (matcha.com) approached me to see what ideas I might have for Matcha related recipes. Aside from the Dalgona Matcha recipe and Matcha Monster Cookies for Halloween, I wanted to create something simple, but elegant.  If you haven’t tried Matcha Kari and need to pick some up please visit their website use our code BORDERLANDS at checkout for a sweet discount!

The idea for matcha truffles came to mind – how else would you showcase a beautiful matcha except to let it shine? If you are a Matcha lover, this recipe is definitely going to hit the spot.

I think of truffles like… ganache. Ganache that’s got a slightly more firm ratio. When people make truffles to sell at scale, there are a lot of stabilizers in the product to keep them shelf-stable and non-perishable without being stored in the fridge. For our recipe, we are using heavy whipping cream, so be advised that you should keep these in the fridge and consume them within a week for the freshest batch. You may also choose to freeze them to make them last at least 2 months.

Watch our video to view our method, and grab a copy of the recipe below. I’d *love* to see you guys make these, and hope that you’ll share your results with me!

PS – My shirt is from The Doughmestic Cookie – 15% of proceeds go to charity or someone in need.


  • Chocolate warmer or use the double boiler method or microwave
  • Silicone molds (you definitely want silicone for easy removeal)
    • The half-sphere I used are here
    • Here’s a bunch more on Amazon
  • Piping bags make transferring your truffle “batter” a bit easier, pouring is not as precise and with a spoon, it’ll take forever (feel free to use a ziplock in place of a piping bag)
  • Silicone Spoonula or spatula


  • 5 oz white chocolate chips or chopped white chocolate bar
  • 1/6 cup heavy whipping cream
  • 1 TBS cold butter (salted and unsalted are both ok)
  • 1/2 tsp Matcha powder, sifted, we love Matcha Kari (matcha.com)  – when you’re making truffles, the matcha is very apparent, so using good quality matcha like Matcha Kari is preferred
  • more Matcha Powder for dusting


  1. Put your whipping cream and white chocolate chips in the chocolate warmer and let it melt over a low heat
  2. Once your chocolate begins to melt, add in sifted Matcha Kari (matcha.com)  matcha powder, mix well to combine
  3. Once everything is well combine, stir in that tablespoon of cold butter
  4. Transfer to molds using a piping bag or spoon
  5. Let set in fridge for about half an hour
  6. Pop out of molds and immediately dust them with Matcha Powder


  • I got fancy in the video and added a bit of edible gold leaf to some of the truffles, a little bling never hurts right?
  • This white chocolate truffle base is versatile and highly adaptable – if you want to make any other flavor such as raspberry, simply omit match and sift in freeze dried raspberry powder

Many thanks to Matcha Kari (matcha.com) for sponsoring our YouTube video and sending us Matcha for our projects – we appreciate you! Use code BORDERLANDS for a special discount!

If you have any questions, please drop them below!


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