How to make Hot Cocoa Bombs

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If you’ve been on the internet in the past year or so you’ve probably seen them, wanted them, or at least wanted one for yourself. I’m talking about Cocoa Bombs! Today, I’ll be sharing my method for making hot cocoa bombs. Along with a detailed how-to video, I’ve also put together some printable tags! So don’t forget to download your FREE hot cocoa bomb tags at the end of the blog post!  

Hot cocoa bombs seem to have originated from Kate Weiser— who created Carl the Snowman hot cocoa bomb in 2014 (someone please correct me if I’m wrong!). Since then, and especially in 2019, the hype has gotten real and everyone is making their own version of the hot cocoa bomb.

These sweet treats are relatively easy to make and fun to enjoy. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to decorations and flavors! 

I’ll be showing you my basic method today via the video, but keep reading for additional tips/tricks.


  • Hot Cocoa Bomb Molds: There are a TON on the market today and I’ll share what I use…
    • Amazon has an incredible selection HERE . I use a 2.5 inch diameter round mold — be REALLY CAREFUL about sizing — some of these are tiny, some are huge. When reading it, remember that diameter is the distance from end to end of the circle. So if you have packaging that’s 3” wide a 2.5” circle will have a little bit of wiggle room. Speaking of packaging we just released a piece of our course content for free in our blog post about how to use a heatsealer.
    • People love the geometric heart mold, or the regular heart mold, frog mold (lol, HP fan, anyone?)
    • The 3-pcs mold is super popular, you can get it HERE, You can also get it from many other shops if you google around, but since this is the easiest mold to use, forms a beautiful, uniform shell in one layer and often goes out of stock. View the video HERE on how to use a three piece mold if that’s what you’ve got!
  • Chocolate Warmer/Melter — this is life changing. I used to melt chocolate over a double boiler or in the microwave but once I started using this, never looked back. They pay for themselves in a few uses. 
  • Pan or microwave a plate to get it warm 
  • Gloves (optional but really helpful)
  • Optional Eco Towels (lint free, reusable paper towels that are also biodegradable)
  • Optional Piping Bags or get em on amazon OR use a zip lock bag
  • Optional brushes
  • Optional if you’re EXTRA – edible gold leaf 
  • Packaging (see last section of this post!)


  • Chocolate or candy coating of choice, they both work, and there is a difference
    • Chocolate like semi-sweet chocolate chips must be tempered. Google how to temper chocolate. Otherwise, you’re gonna have a bad time. 
    • Candy coating (i.e. almond bark, candy melts, Guittard a-peels, merckens melts etc.) seems more forgiving when it comes to fingerprints, etc. and seems stronger to me, but it leaves a slightly oily residue that floats to the top of your hot cocoa when you add hot water/milk. 
  • Hot cocoa mix, or make your own
  • Powdered non-dairy creamer (optional, I like to use this because that means I can simply add hot water instead of hot milk)
  • Note: Instead of doing a dry powder on the inside, you can also do a ganache 
  • Marshmallows of choice – I like to use big and small ones– the mini ones disappear really fast!
  • Sprinkles (use our Sweetapolita link HERE for 10% off your first order!)
  • Get creative with it and you can also use instant coffee, milk tea, matcha, strawberry milk, or caramel in your hot cocoa!! 

Method (watch the video for all the tips/tricks/pitfalls to avoid!)

  1. Clean your molds WELL and dry thoroughly with a lint free cloth
  2. Melt your chocolate
  3. Apply the first layer, let cool/solidify
  4. Apply the second layer, making sure to bolster the rim, let cool/solidify
  5. Unmold it
  6. Using gloves as to not leave too many fingerprints on the shells, place the edges of the chocolate shell and smooth it out on a warm pan or plate
  7. Fill with hot chocolate or whatever drink + marshmallows you desire
  8. Adhere the second shell
  9. Decorate if desired and package

It might be obvious because this is thin chocolate– but please keep out of sunlight and warm places. It’s gonna melt. Everyone will be sad. 

Cocoa bomb Packaging Ideas:

There are so many ways to package hot cocoa bombs– it depends on how many you want to package at once and how they will be transported (sometimes you need it in a box because it’ll be handled more). I’m dropping some ideas below –  This only works if you’re using a 2.5 inch diameter mold!!

Cupcake Liner + Treat Bag + Twist Tie
Super Economic (just make sure to be gentle and not stack them because there’s nothing protecting the bombs… the bombs are not super strong)Coca bomb in packaging More Attractive for Singles – Boxes or single cupcake containers. Use boxes that are 3 inches on each side. Or use single cupcake boxes. There are some VERY affordable ones on Amazon!  Or if buying more, check Clearbags

4 pc cupcake boxes
Cupcake box for cocoa bomb If you’re making A LOT, be sure to check Webstaurant, where this photo is from (applies to 6 and 12 pack sizes too! The shipping is worth it if you’re buying in bulk.)

6 pc cupcake boxes

6 cocoa bombs in cupcake package

12 pc cupcake boxes

12 cocoa bombs in cupcake package

Target and the dollar store always have cute packaging for your baked goods– in the video, we show a 4-pc cupcake box. 

The brown kraft tray that I used in the video is from Webstaurant and fits 12 cocoa bombs very snuggly — put a big bag over it to protect from stuff floating around the air.

As a note, many of the links in this post are affiliate links which means we receive a small commission should you decide to buy. It doesn’t affect the price you pay and it allows us to continue to put out helpful content 🙂

Be sure to download our FREE hot cocoa bomb direction tags in case you want to make and gift or sell them! We’ve got 4 styles for you to choose from. Simply click the links below each graphic to download. The PDFs are formatted to print on a regular 8.5×11 sheet of paper (Be sure to print at scale!!), or you can download the raw image and resize to print to whatever size you desire (maybe even make them stickers?)

Coca bomb packaging tag

hot cocoa bomb tag downloads

  • Design 1 (pdf HERE, get just the graphic HERE)
  • Design 2 (pdf HERE, get just the graphic HERE)
  • Design 3 (pdf HERE, get just the graphic HERE)
  • Design 4 (pdf HERE, get just the graphic HERE)

Hope you enjoy! Please don’t forget to tag us on social media if you end up using our tags or find this helpful! @borderlandsbakery 🙂 and if you’ve got any questions or comments, definitely leave them below!


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  1. Carlotta

    Lisa, I just watched the cocoa bomb video!!! Thank you so much, I will be trying it out and will post on my completed project.

    • Bella B

      Thank you so much for the content the tutorial is amazing! I will try this out fot Valentine’s day. I have a question, when we drizzle chocolate and add on some sprinkles, is it possible to drizzle with some colored royal icing such as pink ? As it is not hot so it is One less worry 🙂 will it blend in the beverage?

      • Lisa He

        You’re welcome to use royal icing, but it’ll take forever to dry and I like to package these right away. I still prefer slightly cooled chocolate 🙂
        Yes, it’ll dissolve in the hot beverage.

  2. Joann

    Lisa…I just watched your video on making hot cocoa bombs and it was so helpful!! I do have a question, though. You said that chocolate chips won’t work well for the coating, but you used chocolate chips and melting wafers together in the video…I think. So, is there a ratio for the two that will work? Your bombs came out very shiny and I’m sure that they taste better than ones where you just use compound chocolate alone. Can you please help me out with this? Thanks so much!

    • Lisa He

      Chocolate works fine, BUT it’s harder to work wit– you need to temper it properly, you get more fingerprint marks on it. I did about half half as as ratio.
      To be honest from a taste perspective– the general public would not tell. If you’re a chocolate snob, you may 😉

  3. Kendra

    Thank you so much for your tutorial, my cocoa bombs came out perfect!

  4. Nicole

    Awesome tutorial! If you are making these to sell how far in advance can these be made?

    • Lisa He

      A few weeks is usually safe- it depends on your environment (temp and humidity level), so do your own shelf life test to be safe!!


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