Recipe: Meringue Pops

May 18, 2022 | Recipes | 0 comments

Last week, I visited the team at Bakers Bodegga Express. They are located in socal and sell all kinds of baking supplies to bakeries and the general public. I sat down with Manny and Phil to talk about my journey as a small business owner and a little bit of my life

I had quite an adventure making these meringue pops during my trip- long story short, we got an airBNB and I was going to make my meringue pop samples in the apartment the morning of my interview. I brought stuff with me from home: ingredients, hand mixer, baking sheet, straws, etc. I did not factor in the possibility that I would only have access to a compact oven, and that I couldn’t find mixing bowls. Two trips to the store, 5 failed meringue attempts, and 1 trip to a friend’s house to borrow a stand mixer later, I had my meringue. Essentially, I was breaking my meringue in all previous attempts- the meringue did not fluff and keep its shape; instead, it stayed runny like marshmallow creme that you’ve stirred a few times.

But it all worked out in the end, and I got to chat with the Bakers Bodegga guys, learn about them, share my perspectives and do the meringue demo, which you can watch HERE.

If you’d like the recipe for our meringue pops (or drops, you don’t have to use sticks), you can download the recipe in PDF form HERE.

Custom made Meringue pops by borderlands bakery


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