Sweet Deals

The following companies offer products or services that we use regularly as a part of our business and daily life. These are all affiliate links, meaning if you purchase through these links, we get a small percentage of the purchase price at no additional cost to you. In some cases, select partners will even offer our audience special Borderlands exclusive discounts! We do not include any organizations on this list that we do not 100% stand behind, and no one pays to be on this list.

The Sugar Art

Our friends at The Sugar Art create INCREDIBLE color products for all your dessert art needs! Make sure you also view their EDUCATION section for how to use the different product lines. Use code “borderlands” for a generous 15% off!

Brighton Cutters

Top notch quality cookie cutters.
Get 10% off your first purchase using THIS link.


INCREDIBLE quality sprinkles that also taste great, made in Canada.
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Anything you purchase from our storefront supports us at no cost to you. Most items here are things I already own and highly recommend.

Nakano Knives

For all the cooks out there – Nakano’s knives are great quality, and honestly, great value for what you’re getting. Receive a generous 20% off your order with code BORDERLANDS. I use my knives almost daily and would recommend them in a heartbeat! 

Matcha Kari

If you’ve seen my Dalgona Matcha Latte Recipe then you know I LOVE Matcha! We’re excited to announce our partnership with Matcha Kari that will save you on your next order! Visit the Matcha Kari Shop and enter the code BORDERLANDS15 for 15% off your regular order, or use the same code and save 20% off of subscription purchases.

Imperfect Foods

This is where I get bi-weekly grocery deliveries from. There is so much food waste happening in the world and this is our way of helping, even if just a little. Get $20 off with THIS link.

Global Belly

This is my food-related guilty pleasure website. I often order food items from here that are not easily accessible in my area and am always looking to try something new.
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