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The first experience on our epic  EU adventure was a pastry class at La Cuisine Paris. We opted in for a Private Event, and asked them to surprise us with the class topic-  our only ask was that it included seasonal produce if possible.

a picture of the front of a store in paris called La Cuisine paris

Watch our experience recap here:

Our class focused on choux pastry (think eclairs, chouquettes), charlotte cakes (with ladyfingers), and sponge cake bases. We also made custards and creme fillings to go with the bases. Strawberries were in season when we went, so our baked goods with adorned with fresh fruit .. and… a lot of pistachio.

a picture of the borderlands bakery crew rolling dough

I’m usually not a big pistachio person, a lot of the treats I’ve had in the States tastes super artificial, so I’ve never been partial to it.

a close up picture of baked goods

BUT, I think this class completely changed my mind. We added pistachio butter (or pistachio caramel as we used in class… it was sweet and behaved like caramel) to the cake sponge, fillings, and also candied pistachios to add them to tops of the desserts. I’m definitely going to incorporate pistachio into more of my desserts moving forward..

french pastries wrapped in bows

I absolutely love the creation that Clay made showing off a pistachio cake base, whipped cream, fresh berries and candied pistachios.

a close up of a french pastry

After making and filling the eclairs, the rest of the choux pastry got piped into little round balls, sprinkled with deliciously additive Belgian pearl sugar – which if you have never used, you’re missing out on. If you’ve never had pearl sugar before, imagine if we freeze dried sugar and it expanded, puffed and became an airy, crunchy crystal, similar to puffed rice cereal (smaller granules). Great texture and looks beautiful.

pistachio muffins

All in all, this was super fun, very engaging and our instructor was high-energy and knowledgeable. Special thanks to the team at La Cuisine Paris and Chef for an incredible experience, and for letting us document the whole thing! I would go back in a heartbeat.

The borderlands bakery group posing for a photo

Can’t make it to Paris? No worries. La Cuisine Paris also offer online video courses that you can take from anywhere in the world. There are classes for macarons, breakfast patries, choux, bread and more! If you end up checking them out, please let them know that Borderlands Bakery sent you!

Watch our experience recap here:

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