The Best DIY Kitchen Storage Rack Solution For Sprinkles And Supplies

Mar 8, 2020 | Cookie Decorating Resources, Decorating Ideas | 1 comment

If you bake or make decorated cookies.. you know how our sprinkle (and supply) collection can get out of control. 

Today on the blog, a local cookier shares her sprinkle and accessories kitchen storage solution with us. Brandy shared her set up on IG DMs and it caught my eye– I don’t often see messages in chat threads, so this was definitely serendipitous! I asked if she’d be willing to share her knowledge and experiences, so here we are! 

** Per usual, I must disclose that this post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase anything via these links, I earn a small percentage of the sale at zero cost to you. Thank you for helping us continue to support our small business! 

Meet Brandy, from Roseville, CA who owns Sweet Avery’s Cookie Co.

Brandy took a class from me in Oct 2019 and has been hooked ever since; however, she has been baking since she was a teen and started decorating cookies about 3 years ago.  Brandy was a wedding photographer for 10 years and has also been (and still is) a licensed pharmacy technician for the last 20 years. Currently, Brandy is a stay-at-home-mom who uses cookie decorating as her creative outlet. Brandy is active in local cookie groups and hopes to turn this hobby into a full-time baking business in the future after her daughter starts school. She also wishes to do more with her professional photography experiences. 

So how do we go from clutter to organized?
Kitchen Before and After Organizing Supplies

Brandy’s goals were to keep the project low budget, be easy to put together, organize, access and maintain. Supplies would be displayed visibly so it would be quick and easy to pull the exact ones for a specific project. Storage solutions were sought out based on how easy they are to purchase, assemble, and of course, be space conscious. 

Brandy hangs the rack on the inside of her office closet door… but get creative– these DIY kitchen storage racks can also be wall-mounted and if you get your sprinkles and supplies organized, it can be incredibly aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention having your supplies co-located to where you decorate makes things so much easier to get into a flow state since you won’t be hunting for anything while you’re decorating!

Now there are many options when it comes to mounted storage solutions. Brandy specifically uses the ClosetMaid 1233 Adjustable 8-Tier Wall and Door Rack, 77-Inch Height X 18-Inch Wide — but depending on your set up, there are so many other options that will work for you! Make sure you check out all of our suggestions under the Storage Solutions section of our Amazon Shop!

Brandys Closet Storage Shotwall mounted storage

This solution was chosen based on price point, size, ease of assembly and amount of storage space.

Not seeing a rack that works for you? Make sure you check out THIS LINK for other sizes and configurations that might work for you!

For Brandy’s sprinkle storage solution ( ClosetMaid 1233), she uses Novelinks 4 Ounce Clear Plastic Jars Containers With Screw On Lids – Refillable Round Empty Plastic Slime Storage Containers for Kitchen & Household Storage – BPA Free (20 Pack) to decant all her sprinkles and other supplies into.

4oz jars

Some other options for bottles that I really like — a great GLASS option are these that I use for my personal sprinkle stash today:

In fact, any clear spice jar is bound to work for this…. so make sure you check out your options!

Jars with sprinkles on Kitchen Storage rack

And on the topic of sprinkles, don’t forget to check out Sweetaploita’s sprinkle shop for premium sprinkles — I mean, now that you know how to store them, no shame in adding more to your collection, right?!!

Anyway… You can also see in the photo below how she uses the same kitchen storage rack to store food color dusts. I would even add in stand-up cups for scribes and brushes…or maybe just lay them flat,   that works too!!
Kitchen storage rack closeup

The small storage baskets you see above for The Sugar Art products can be purchased from Ikea, the dollar store, or of course, Amazon (see small long storage bins). I especially like these for quality — but they are a bit more pricey:

Having supplies and sprinkles organized brings Brandy so much joy and makes her life much easier.  Having done some home and kitchen organization myself, I can definitely attest to how much mental tax is removed once your space is clutter-free. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed the amazing information Brandy has shared with us today! Please hop on over to Brandy’s IG and give her a follow if you love her content.  Please also check out our RESOURCES for my entire supply list! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave them below.


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