Our French Macaron Classes are FINALLY releasing Feb. 28 2021 at 8am PST — we filmed the bulk of this in Jan 2020 right as COVID was starting to hit the US, and it felt like it has taken an eternity to get this out to you all! Hope you’re all as excited as I am, and I promise it’s worth the wait 😉

I’ve spent the last 12 years learning everything I can about macarons through hands-on experience and interacting with thousands of you from all over the world. Now, all of that R&D has been compiled into one spot. The videos + PDF guide has the recipes, YEARS of insight I’ve gained from thousands of Macarons made.

Now despite what other recipes might claim, there is NO SUCH THING as  “foolproof” when it comes to baking, especially when it comes to Macarons. However, the course can help you overcome some of the most common challenges of macaron baking, giving you the best chance of success.

To summarize, here’s what the course comes with:

  • Lifetime access (as long as we pay the bills) to our virtual course materials, go-at-your-own-pace instruction from anywhere with an internet connection
  • In depth video instruction discussing shells and fillings
  • Recipes & MS Excel Calculator for your shells
  • A comprehensive 40+ page course guide — (preview the contents HERE)
  • 24 piping templates!
    • If you want to purchase just the piping template bundle on their own, CLICK HERE (also a great way to preview the templates!)
  • Exclusive 15% off coupon code to use at The Sugar Art – expires Mar. 13, 2021
  • Access to our private course Facebook page for additional support from myself and the Baking with Borderlands community!

This course is easily a $200 value.

The macaron classes will retail for $59 during Launch Week (Feb. 28 through Mar. 7 2021) and will go up to $69 beginning March 8, 2021. 


 ** To prepare for launch on Feb 28, 2021 8am PST: **


Watch this video to learn more about the course:

Sidenote: Check out my friend Krista’s shop HERE if you liked the Macaron shirt I’m wearing!


EDIT Feb. 28 7:25am PST – no need for this step anymore since we have launched!

Please sign up for our Early Bird Registration list HERE. This ensures that you receive the launch email the MOMENT registration opens on Feb. 28, 2021, and you’ll get first dibs to use our limited launch discounts. IF you’ve already signed up for Early Bird, you’re set. The next communication you’ll get is when the course launches. 


There are 2 ways to take advantage of our limited discounts (please take a few minutes to read thoroughly).

*** The course will retail for $59 during Launch Week (Feb. 28 through Mar. 7 2021) and will go up to $69 beginning March 8, 2021.

ONE: If you have NOT purchased our written French Macaron recipe

  • edit: NO MORE EARLY BIRD DISCOUNTS. We ran out within 3 minutes of launch and gave away 241 coupons instead of the planned 200 🙂

***   OR   ***

TWO: If you have purchased our written French Macaron recipe, please DO NOT use the Early Bird NEW student discount above, INSTEAD: 

  • Email us help@borderlandsbakery.com with your previous order number or receipt so we can confirm your purchase (you can email us now, don’t have to wait)
  • We’ll provide you a UNIQUE code or link to purchase the course, which will take $25 off the Launch Week price of $59 OR if purchasing AFTER launch week, $25 off the normal price of $69.  Your links/codes do not activate until launch day.
  • This is a limited offer and will no longer be available after June 1, 2021. This gives you 3 months to utilize the discount. We appreciate your understanding.  

Promotions cannot be combined. We CANNOT retroactively apply coupon codes if you forget to enter it at checkout. 

Macaron Classes Register HERE beginning Feb. 28, 2021, 8am PST.

If you have ANY questions (or comments or just to say hi!!), please drop us a nice note below.

Love our courses and want to become an affiliate? Affiliates earn 10% commission on all course referrals! Email us help@borderlandsbakery.com to apply!

Before I leave, please enjoy some work from students who have used our written French Macaron recipe in the past! 

Top Row: @msbrowncookietown , @sweetjunipercookies , @shebakesinsd
Bottom Row: @Marina.ybz , @sophiamyacupcakes , @azaleascreations

Hope you’ll join me in class!


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  1. Tess

    Will the coupon code for pre-purchased mac recipe be automatically applied? Also, will this preclude us from getting the other $25 off code on top of it if we’re the first 200? Thanks!

    • Lisa He

      Hi Tess, no, it’s not automatic. You have to follow the directions in the blog post to get your previous buyer discount code (is this not clear? Can you tell me how to make it more clear?). You cannot stack coupons.. it doesn’t make sense to sell a course for $50 off 🙂 — this is also noted in the post. Please advise, after reading the post again, if this is still unclear, and help us make it more clear for you. Thanks!

  2. Kaitlin Younf

    Is this just a virtual course that we can go over everything on our own time? I don’t want to sign up for a class and not be able to attend! I LOVED the macaron recipe so I’m excited to learn as much as I can!

    • Lisa He

      Yes, this is virtual, go at your own pace.

  3. Rosslynn

    I just want to make sure I understand. Does your recipe com
    With the class or do I need to purchase it separately?

    • Lisa He

      All recipes are included.

  4. Sara

    In this course do you advise on certain products to buy? I noticed the piping bags are from Borderlands. But the baking sheet? Items not sold by Borderlands do you recommend certain products and provide links?

    • Lisa He

      Hi Sara, we provide a whole equipment list.

  5. Joy

    If I purchase this, how long will it be available to me?
    Thanks, Joy

    • Lisa He

      Hi Joy, you get forever access as long as we keep the bills for the back end paid. We hope minimally a few years.

  6. Sydney

    Hi! No questions, I’m just excited for this class and gaining all this knowledge! I have practiced macarons over and over and just can’t get it right! Hopefully with these skills and recipes applied I’ll become a master! Thank you for providing this course.

  7. jackie

    I’m super excited for this! I purchased the recipe in 2019 and got better at MACS but with this course i feel i may be able to finally conquer MACS!

  8. Sandra

    Kinda of late but your launch is at 8 am pst?
    Just want to adjust my alarm.
    Thank you ! ?

    • Lisa He

      Yes, it’s at 8am PST. Do we have it at a different time somewhere else on accident?

      • Sandra

        No, I’m on est. and just wanted to confirm, thank you

  9. Angie

    Signed up for early bird registration last night and got an email this morning about the launch but I’m not finding the coupon code. Looked in my spam folder and it’s not there either. Is there an email I’m missing?

    • Lisa He

      Hi Angie, the coupon code was in this bog post. But it ran out within minutes 🙁 Sorry!

  10. Angie

    I found it. Sorry about that

  11. Betty Tamas

    I have paid for the course but have forgotten how to login. Please help.
    Elizabeth (Betty) Tamas

    • Lisa He

      Hi there, the Macaron course is hosted on Teachable.com – please log in there with your info.
      If you’ve forgotten your log in info, please follow the directions on their website for resetting your password. We cannot do it for you for security reasons.
      If you’ve forgotten everything and still have no access, please email our client services at help@borderlandsbakery.com — someone will need time to investigate the issue. Thanks!


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